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Dr. LI Jiabiao was appointed as GSST Concurrent Professor



Dr. LI Jiabiao was appointed as GSST Concurrent Professor

On December 1st, Dr. LI Jiabiao, the Deputy Director of The Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has been appointed as the concurrent professor of the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University. Prof. SONG Shiji from the Department of Automation Tsinghua University as well as faculty members and students from the oceanography subject attended the event. Executive Associate Dean Prof. KANG Feiyu gave the opening address and awarded Dr. LI the appointment certificate. He hoped that Prof. LI and our researchers can work together to promote the research activities in the oceanic field. Associate Dean Prof. MA Hui presided over the ceremony. Prof. SONG Shiji and Prof. CAI Zhonghua attended the meeting.

Prof. LI is a research scientist of The Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA and an oceanographer who enjoys the special subsidy of the State Council. He is the Chief Scientist of two 973 program as well as the member of InterRidge Scientific Program Steering Committee and IODP-China Program Expert Committee.

After the ceremony, Prof. LI also delivered a lecture titled “The progress and outlook of the research on China deep seas”. This interesting lecture gave attendance an overall introduction of the deep sea research and Dr. LI’s related programs. As part of his visit, Dr. LI toured a number of research labs and had in-depth conversation with researchers about the strategies for construction subject of oceanography at GSST. Prof. LI’s appointment as concurrent professor will allow our researchers and students access to his extensive academic and practical experience, and will further strengthen our academic research in the field of oceanography.