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Ocean Science Discipline construction job fairs held in the United States



Ocean Science Discipline construction job fairs held in the United States


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In order to expand the influence and to accelerate the development of the division of ocean science and technology, the Graduate School at Shenzhen had convened a conference of ‘Creation of Tsinghua Ocean science and Technology (the recruitment fair)’. The event was held on-site of ‘Ocean Science Meeting, 2012, OSM2012’. Professor Su Jilan (Academician, Chair of Academic committee at the division of ocean science and technology in Graduate School at Shenzhen), Professor Chen,Daoyi (1000-Tanlent Plan A, Head of the Division), Prfessor Zhou, Meng (1000-Tanlent Plan A 2012 Tsinghua), Professor Lian Lian (Adjunct Professor), and Professor Ma Hui (Associate Dean, Director of the Division of Ocean Science and Technology at the Graduate School in Shenzhen Tsinghua) and some other teachers, as well as over 100 scholars of ocean sector also participated in the meeting and carried on the site communication. 



The meeting was hosted by Prof. Chen, Daoyi. Prof Su Jilan made the theme preaching started with Tsinghua Oceanography Center Development. He illustrated the purport of develop marine disciplines in Shenzhen Tsinghua. He had also introduced the key development direction of the division of ocean science and technology as well as the process of talent team organization and base development etc.. Prof. Ma Hui introduced basic information of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen city and the Tsinghua Graduate School at Shenzhen, and the assumption of taking Shenzhen as the base to develop Oceanography discipline. After the introduction, Prof Su, Prof Chen Daoyi, Prof Zhou Meng and Prof Lian Lian with others had answered participants’ questions. They also had a lively discussion. Even though the meeting is end, many participants remain outside the meeting place to continue the communication exchange; some of the participants after the interviews conducted with members of the delegation. As reported that, many of the participants are well-known scholars such as Peter Frank, Eric Achterber, Yan Xiaomei, Cai Fei, Cai weijun, Yuan Xiaojun, Li zhongping etc. They had constructive discussion about the development direction of oceanography discipline in Tsinghua University. The good news is, many of them are Chinese young scholars and students. They indicated that oceanography discipline of Tsinghua University will have broad prospects. They must more focus on the ocean discipline and expect early participation. Over all, the meeting was a complete and successful one. 


The activities initiated by Prof Su. The pre-thematic discussions were hold in Hangzhou and Shanghai. The final activities’ scenario will be approved by Tsinghua University, the Graduate school of Shenzhen. As reported, the Ocean Science Meeting was organized by the International Ocean Institute, the United States limnology Marine Society and the American Geophysical Union. It is one of the most biggest and influential Ocean Science meetings in the world. The purpose of this activity is to use the opportunity of opening the meeting to promote the oceanography discipline construction of Tsinghua University. In the earlier stage preparation, The Division of Ocean Science and Technology of Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University and Staffs of Oceanography organization department had carefully planned the specific issues of foreign propaganda team organization. They also had a detail analysis of the purpose and effect about all the aspects of the activity. They prepared the solution in advance for the possible difficulties. Prof Chen Daoyi (Division of ocean S&T Dean) is responsible for all work to implement. Prof Su, Lian Lian, and Zhou Meng were expressing their influence in the Academic field to contact with person from different parties to attend the Meeting. Prof Su prepared his text of Speech by himself. Prof Zhou Meng, Lian Lian, Chen Daoyi, and Ma Hui (Associate Dean) together with some other relative faculty staffs were very actively provide the material for the speech. During the winter break, the division teachers and the the constructive organization staffs created the brochure for division of ocean S&T as well as the Ch &En Website. It was efficiently promote this activity. The Tsinghua University Salt Lake City Alumni Association and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association were also giving very strong support to this event. The Alumini Association president Prof Liu Feng and some Alumni members participated in recreational activities with experts and members of the delegation. 


To take full advantage to the current oversea visit opportunity for studying and learning the United States Ocean Science and observation techniques as well as graduate education, Prof Zhou Meng, Lian Lian and Prof Ma Hui visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA Boston University Campus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Rutgers University, Marine and Costal Research before the Ocean Science Meeting. After the Meeting, the Associate Dean Prof Ma Hui and Prof Lian Lian were leading some delegation members together to visit the Bay Ocean Research Institute of Montreal, MARS undersea network, and the NEPTUNE& VENUS undersea network of University of Vitoria in Canada; they also visited some Ocean technology Companies in Blue Silicon Valley in Vancouver Canada. They had discussions in cooperation with famous Universities and Institutes about education, research, training and industrial cooperation. They had also reached some agreements and cooperation intention.  


This oversea trip is for better understanding and learning the world’s top Ocean Science and Observation techniques. It promoted Tsinghua University Ocean Science construction for attracting talents of Ocean field and strengthening international cooperation and expand the international influence for driving international ocean graduate school’s development to a better foundation.