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Xiang Jiang Marine Forum successfully held at GSST



Xiang Jiang Marine Forum successfully held at GSST

On March 22, the Xiang Jiang Marine Forum on Underwater in Situ Monitoring Technology opened on GSST 

campus. It is the first academic event of the Shenzhen Marine Research and Technology Consortium (SMART)

 after its inauguration on 12 January. The Center for Ocean Technologies of Tsinghua University and the

 State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution of City University of Hong Kong co-organized the forum.

The forum includes 5 keynote speeches and ten talks. Four companies were also invited to demonstrate 

and introduce their marine instruments. Ms. Wang Ning, Director of the Shenzhen Virtual University 

Park and secretary of SMART presided over the opening ceremony. Professor Zhao Qinggang, executive 

associate dean of GSST welcomed the participants on behalf of the School. The forum attracted more 

than 100 scientists, engineers and students from top institutions in the southern mainland China and

 Hong Kong. It also attracted participants from the local government and enterprises.

Professor Zhou Mingjiang, former director of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 

was invited to give a special report on red tide and its impacts to the economy and challenges to marine 

scientists and engineers. His talk was followed by the other speakers introducing a variety of 

techniques for ocean observation. The talks generated intensive discussions among the participants.

The Xiangjiang Marine Forum aims to promote academic communication and collaboration among members 

of SMART and other leading marine institutions. It also dedicates to encourage innovations and promote

 the intersection between different disciplines. Participants came to a conclusion that the industry of 

underwater observation instruments and equipment is experiencing rapid development. Shenzhen, with its

 well established hi-tech industry is facing very good opportunities to take a leading role in the ocean

 observing instruments and equipment industry.

The opening ceremony

The forum

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