The Division of Ocean Science and Technology has been established in Tsinghua University as one of its initiatives to develop its excellence of education and research in ocean science and technology. The Division is going to take advantages of the geographical location of Shenzhen and its well developed manufacturing industries, as well as the academic strengths of Tsinghua University in engineering disciplines, to develop an oceanography program around ocean technology and engineering. With the intention of emphasizing deep sea research, three major fields have been identified for further development including marine engineering and marine technology, marine information technology and physical oceanography as well as marine biotechnology and marine ecology. A new 15,000 m2 ocean science and technology building will be built in 2013 to host this new division in the Tsinghua University Graduate School at Shenzhen which includes state of the art laboratories for physical, biogeochemical and biological experiments and analysis, and deep test tanks for ocean engineering and sensor development.


The Division of Ocean Science and Technology (DOST), Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, dedicates its research and education to advancing the science and technologies in observing, understanding and predicting shelf seas and oceans and their interaction with the Earth system, exploring and protecting marine nature resources and ecosystems, and assisting regional and national sustainable economic development.